Umbraco Day Four: I Got This

Calling this "Day Four" is misleading. This is a personal project, and I have a family. I should really name it "Hour 5" or something like that.

I am very impressed with Umbraco. I love that it just worked as soon as I used nuget to add it to my brand-new solution and hit "Debug". I love that it just worked as soon as I FTP'd the files over to the cheapest, crappiest Windows host in the world. I never would have expected to be this far after 5 hours, without reading the first thing about it. I'm impressed.

And, I can see my way to the next step: Making this thing presentable. It's going to be no more or less work than web design normally is. Umbraco gives me every power tool I need. The partial views and razor and CSS in the backend (back stage? It's back-something) really speak my language. I feel like I already know what to do, I just need to carve out a little time to do it.

And the community is very attentive. I tweeted that I was going to blog about installing and using Umbraco for the first time, and immediately a friend offered to answer questions. I tweeted about some struggles I had (because I mistook the "Paragraph" control for a "Rich Text Editor" before scrolling down to see the real "Rich Text Editor," and two people I didn't know wanted input on making it easier for Umbraco noobs.

So, I'm impressed. Come on in, the water's fine.