Choosing a Blog Engine

My first step was to figure out which Blog Engine to use. I haven't made a blog in 10 years or so, so I had no clue what's out there. I thought about using WordPress. Everyone likes it, and it runs on Windows. But I didn't want to install something I don't understand, and I don't want to learn PHP. So I asked the Internet if there was a good CMS for .Net.

Stack Overflow doesn't like that type of subjective question. Google found a Reddit page, on which there seemed to be more Umbraco fans than anything else. So, I got the latest free Visual Studio, made a new MVC project, went to Nuget, and installed Umbraco CMS.

I poked around for a minute. Watched a little video that taught me the "Um" is emphasized and the "a" is short, so it's pronounced UM-bruh-co. And I think it's made by Norwegians. Okay, learning...

And now I have typed in a blog entry! I need to figure out where this posts to. I'm going to want it on the Home page of my site, eventually.

The Reddit that I red. I mean, read:

So far, I've figured out how to delete all the information from the sample. I've put my logo in place of Umbraco's logo, but it's currently too small. I put my old background in the place of the Umbraco background, but it's too big. I don't like clicking the paragraph button to add a new paragraph when blogging. And the result of the new paragraph on the blog page is that there's not enough padding. But, all that seems surmountable. And I can see the Razor in the partial views in Umbraco's admin area, which is very .Net friendly. I think I like it. I need to simplify it quite a bit, though, until I get more content.