Installing Umbraco, Day Two

I found where to muck about with the master page and style sheets. Remember on day one my logo came in too small. I was able to fix that in the master page but at first it insisted on spilling out of it's container. The original logo was proportioned differently than mine, so I figured out what the limits were (using Chrome Dev Tools) and then in the style sheet I made the size fit within those bounds. Didn't work. After further mucking about, I found that the class (".brand" for the record) had a background-size:100%. In the area where they encourage you to make custom style changes, I set that to .brand { background-size : inherit;} and that fixed the problem.

I looked around for a blank template to set the site to. "BANG! Web Development" already has a theme (comic books) and a strong color palette (Bright red, Bright yellow, Black), and all these default settings are in my way. I couldn't find a blank template pre-installed. I suppose my next step is to watch their free tutorials, read the docks, and lurk in the discussions to find out how to do that.

I can already tell you, though, I'd have done it a bit different. The "Fanoe" template style sheet has all sorts of information about size and position mixed in with information about color choices. If these were two separate style sheets, it would be a lot easier to swap out the color style sheet but leave the size and position style sheet alone. I know because I've done it before. I made a web site once that we could "white label" and then skin it to match any of our clients web sites just by changing the color style sheet. The sizes and positions never had to move.

Having said that, I think it's AWESOME that Umbraco's Admin gives me direct power over master pages, partial views, razor, and style sheets. This is going to be way easier than pushing new code every time I want to change the content. CMS forever.

While I was typing this, Umbraco took over my full screen and asked me to log in again. I almost had a heart attack, assuming I'd lost the whole post. All is well, but they need to careful of this old man's heart!